Special Mine Services, Inc.

The Best Connection You Can Make

Special Mine Services is a leading manufacturer of industrial electrical connectors, primarily used in the mining, tunneling, heavy equipment, portable power, and entertainment industries. Having been in business for almost four decades, Special Mine Services has established itself as a stable and growing company, that prides itself on being innovative and forward-moving. This is evidenced through both a domestic and global footprint that is continually expanding to serve both traditional and evolving industries. 

Old World Craftsmanship Meets State-of-the-Art Technology
As an employee-owned company, Special Mine Services commits significant resources into maintaining and upgrading its facilities. Owning the latest in CNC machining equipment, Special Mine Services combines the best of these new technologies with the hand-built precision of a dedicated team of craftspeople. These skilled artisans include machinists, die and mold makers, welders, electrical assemblers, and quality inspectors.

Today’s Products Prepared for the Future
Special Mine Services maintains an in-house staff of mechanical and electrical engineers. This expertise supports the development and manufacture of products year-round to meet customers’ emergent needs and specifications. Past successes include the development of an innovative lever-action connector, which is quickly becoming the industry standard of choice.

Amazing Quality Through Vertical Integration
In an era of companies spreading their critical supply chain throughout the world, Special Mine Services seeks to be vertically integrated, by manufacturing pin assemblies, brass fittings and housings, and hardware in-house from raw stock. Special Mine Services also injection molds each connector through specifically designed presses. Raw materials come from trusted suppliers with quality attested through certified material test reports. 

This complete on-site manufacturing process allows Special Mine Services to control the quality during the entire production process, as well as tailoring products to meet the specific needs of customers. Additionally, this allows SMS Connectors to be manufactured on an “on-order” basis which means Special Mine Services is capable of producing their full line of connectors year-round. 

All of this allows Special Mine Services to offer quality connectors at a reasonable cost, with a short production lead time.

The Products
Special Mine Services manufactures a complete line of synthetic rubber single-pole, multi-pole, and quick-lock connectors that are specifically engineered and designed to be interchangeable and compatible with other major manufactured connectors. SMS Connectors are also available as a single-pilot or dual-pilot connection to insulating cable. This eliminates the need to use a jumper cable, which allows the cable to connect seamlessly to the connector. 

Special Mine Services’ capabilities range from small single pole to large round and oval multi-pole connectors, as well as pin and sleeve style of connectors accepting cable ranging from #8 AWG to 500 MCM. The connectors are CSA Certified and UL Listed. Additionally, the certification process for the CE and UKCA marks is currently underway. 


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