Sophisticated escape device equipment

Paul Boughton

Dräger Marine & Offshore, part of the Dräger Group, is cementing its position as a leading provider of safety solutions, from training and product supply to asset management, service and maintenance on and off-shore. 

Safety remains one of the top priorities for the Health and Safety Executive’s Offshore Division, due to the diverse nature of hazardous environments encountered by workers offshore, such as confined spaces.

The OXY K escape device can be used in confined spaces when workers need immediate protection against potentially deadly environments. Whether it’s smoke, toxic gases, a lack of oxygen, or where there is a mixture of hydrocarbons and air, the device offers workers a vital lifeline in order to escape.

The user can see by looking at the colour of the service indicator whether the device, which is around the same size as a small canister, is ready to use. It can be carried via a shoulder strap and activated via a quick-start mechanism. The equipment delivers a 30-minute supply of instant chemically-generated oxygen.

Encased in a hard, water-resistant case to protect it from damage by impact, puncture or moisture, it can be taken and opened rapidly in one step during an emergency. It provides peace of mind for workers across many different sectors, specifically for drilling platform, subsea and production workers.

Phil Saxton is general manager of Dräger Marine and Offshore, Dräger’s dedicated safety site based in Aberdeen. He said: “The OXY K escape device is not only compact, but it is also lightweight for workers who need the flexibility to be able to climb ladders through their work. The hood, meanwhile, provides the wearer protection for their head, face and eyes.

“It is designed so that it is easy to put on, suitable for those who wear glasses and can be carried anywhere toxic gases may be present or when the atmosphere is oxygen deficient. It also still allows for verbal communication, which is an important factor when leaving a dangerous environment.”

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