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The new surfaceControl, reflectControl and scanControl generations from Micro-Epsilon are a powerful range of 3D products for precise geometry, shape and surface inspections. An advantage lies in the powerful 3DInspect software, which is compatible with all 3D sensors from Micro-Epsilon and brings numerous features.

The 3DInspect software is included with every 3D sensor from Micro-Epsilon. It is user-friendly and can be controlled intuitively. The software enables the parameter setting of the sensors, but also the acquisition of the measurement data. The tools’ scope of application ranges from the alignment of point clouds via calculation programs for distance, height, angle and radius as well as easy output to the PLC and subsequent further processing of the measured data. In addition to the standard version, the “automation” function extension supports automated production processes.

The comprehensive 3D software package is also compatible with the surfaceControl 3D sensors. These are used for fast 3D measurements and inspection of diffusely reflecting surfaces such as metals, plastics or ceramics. With a z-axis repeatability of up to 0.4 µm, the sensor sets new standards in high precision 3D metrology.

The reflectControl sensor is designed for 3D measurements on shiny and glossy surfaces. The sensor is suitable for stationary use in micrometre-accurate measurements when monitoring the production line, or for inline inspection on a robot. A fringe pattern is generated on the sensor display, which is mirrored across the surface of the target into the sensor’s cameras. Deviations on the surface cause distortions of this striped pattern, which are evaluated by the software.

scanControl laser scanners are among the most powerful profile sensors in terms of their accuracy and measuring rate.To generate 3D scans the sensors must move. Either a robot or traversing system moves the scanners over the measuring object, or the measuring objects are guided past the scanner on a conveyor belt. Micro-Epsilon’s laser scanners offer a combination of high dynamism, precision and compactness.

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