Solaris Bus & Coach order fuel cell units from Ballard

Louise Davis

Ballard Power Systems has announced a purchase order from Polish manufacturer Solaris Bus & Coach for 12 FCmove-HD fuel cell modules to power 12 buses to be deployed with SASA Bolzano, the public transport operator in Bolzano, Italy under the Joint Initiative For Hydrogen Vehicles Across Europe (JIVE) funding program.

"We have collaborated with Solaris for a number of years and are very pleased to now provide our latest generation fuel cell power modules for the Bolzano deployment," said Rob Campbell, Ballard Chief Commercial Officer. "This now brings the total number of Ballard fuel cell modules ordered for buses under the European JIVE program to 92, with deployments planned in Germany, France, the UK – including both England and Scotland – and now Italy."

Benefits of Ballard's new FCmove-HD compared to the current generation heavy-duty fuel cell module include lower lifecycle cost achieved through lower maintenance requirements, higher reliability and 50 per cent fewer parts.

Also Ballard claim simplified system integration and better temperature tolerance, including freeze starts down to -25⁰C (-13⁰F) without external energy. 


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