Snap-on clamp AC current sensors

Paul Boughton

TDK has used its experience in EMC components to develop two snap-on clamp AC current sensors to simplify the monitoring of power distribution panels.

The two variant in the CCT series are rated for up to 30 A and up to 100 A for power distribution panels in a variety of energy management systems. 

With the snap-on clamp design the new CCT current sensors can be quickly and easily installed in existing power distribution panels. 

The new clamp AC current sensors have an integrated open-circuit protection element for voltage peak suppression and offer maximum output currents of 10 mA and 33.3 mA for the 30 A and 100 A types, respectively. Mass production of the CCT series began in April 2014.

Local power generation and storage are playing an ever important role in all sorts of locations and facilities and current sensors are key components in systems for power visualisation and energy management because they enable the accurate measurement of power and thus the more efficient management of energy usage. 

The new CCT series clamp AC current sensors is designed for use in the power distribution panels of energy management systems (EMS) for homes, buildings and stores (HEMS, BEMS, SEMS).

To manufacture the new CCT series TDK has developed proprietary design features and used the automated winding and soldering techniques that were developed for the proven ZCAT series of clamp EMC components. This ensures a stable supply of high quality current sensors for manufacturers of energy management systems.

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