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Interlinked plant train impresses in the Caribbean.

To obtain final products for the production of asphalt, a Pro plant train from Kleemann is being used on the twin island state of Trinidad & Tobago: the mobile jaw crusher MobicatMC 120 Z Pro and the mobile cone crusher Mobicone MCO 11 Pro. The mobile screening plant Mobiscreen MS 953 Evo rounds off the process in the limestone quarry.

The good quality of the final product and simple line coupling of the individual machines to form a plant train were decisive criteria for the selection of the plant technology. With the Pro plant train from Kleemann, the uncomplicated coupling of the machines and the automatic processes tuned to one another facilitate operation.

Availability and output doubles

The plant train consists of three machines whose technical processes are coupled to one another. Thanks to the automated tuning, the burden on operators is reduced, the process is harmonised and therefore stabilised. Each machine basically operates independently but forwards signals to the upstream and downstream machines in the event of malfunctions or overfilling of feed material. The feed control Continuous Feed System (CFS) also guarantees optimum utilisation of the crushers, which are therefore loaded evenly with material. Furthermore, the connection of all machines guarantees safety: if an emergency stop is pressed within the plant train, all plants are stopped immediately. This concept prevents damage or overload situations. During operation in Trinidad & Tobago, with the help of the line coupling, the company performing the work was able to double the availability and output compared with the plants previously used in the quarry.

Personnel deployment was also more efficient. Normally one operator per plant is used, plus the excavator driver. Line coupling now allows the complete process to be controlled by two operators instead of four. The other two employees can therefore perform other tasks parallel to production, such as material provision or also logistics in the quarry.

Intuitive operation

After delivery of the new plants in September 2020, the project had to face the special challenge posed by the Covid-19 pandemic: the plant train had to be put into operation online without local supervision. How well the plant start-up functioned in spite of these adverse conditions was shown after a year: there were no significant problems and the machines and crushing tools revealed hardly any wear. On the one hand, the long lifetime of the components resulted because the material was not so abrasive. On the other hand, due to a very finely tuned process and therefore the optimum material flow.

The Spective operating system makes its contribution to a trouble-free start-up because it can be operated easily and intuitively. The visual presentation and logical user guidance make errors almost impossible. Thanks to its simple operation, several employees received instruction in the use of Spective at the same time. High flexibility in work with the plant was therefore guaranteed right from the start.

Simple maintenance and care

The advantage for maintenance is that the components of the crushing and screening plants are very easy to reach. All positions can be accessed without any problems and without significant disassembly work. Regular maintenance of the plant train is therefore made easier. The simple screen media change with the Mobiscreen MS 953 contributes to smooth operation. “Above all, we appreciate the readiness to find practical solutions. We know for sure that the contact partners on site can always provide professional support and guarantee a parts supply.,” says Kyle Parsons, the project manager in charge at Jusamco.

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