Smart temperature sensor

Paul Boughton

Maxim Integrated Products has launched an IO-Link resistance temperature detector (RTD) and reference designs for industrial control and automation, writes Nick Flaherty.

The highly-integrated analogue front end (AFE) of the MAXREFDES42# measures temperature, while detecting overvoltage, shorts, and open circuits, providing a set of capabilities not found in competitive discrete solutions.

The reference design consumes minimal power and provides better than ±0.5°K accuracy. The temperature appears immediately on an LED display for a quick and convenient snapshot of coarse temperature values.

The sensor fits in a standard industrial form factor and supports all three IO-Link speeds. It is available for use with a 2-wire, 3-wire, or 4-wire PT100 RTD over a wide temperature range for applications such as air, gas, and liquid temperature measurement.

The configuration software for the detector was developed in collaboration with ² Development.The MAXREFDES42# uses their IO-Link device stack to communicate with any IO-Link version 1.1-compliant master. This software control lowers operating cost by enabling fast setup, diagnosis, and event monitoring from a PC and without a trip to the installation site. Maintenance can be done at the PC and not on the floor. 

During operation over a temperature range of -40°C to +150°C, the system consumes less than 300mW of power by using an industrial DC-DC step-down converter.

“We are adding this smart temperature sensor to our quiver of IO-Link reference designs to provide our customers with specific, highly integrated solutions,” said David Andeen, director of reference designs at Maxim Integrated. “Our highly integrated RTD-to-digital converter and IO-Link transceiver create a design rich in benefits with many, clear applications in the industrial space.”