Smart cables

Jon Lawson

With the introduction of the CF.Q module, igus has further developed its smart plastics offering. The module checks and evaluates cable health in real time and recommends maintenance or replacement in good time. When used in combination with isense, new possibilities of digitalisation and networking to make maintenance easier and more efficient.

Damage caused by repeated tight bending or extreme loads can be detected reliably. In addition, predicted lifetime for the cables can be determined in advance. If the CF.Q module is installed, it informs the user by switching an NC (normally closed) contact when the pre-defined values of the electrical parameters change. 
The CF.Q modules are suitable for control cabinet mounting thanks to their top-hat/DIN rail housing and therefore offer flexibility in terms of their integration and handling for electricians. The integration of an SD card slot make the modules suitable for data logging, a serial interface is also integrated as standard for data output. For precise insight into the measured values, igus provides a direct connection to the isense-online system.