Off-site manufacture of sludge dewatering systems

Jon Lawson

The advent of off site manufacture by centrifuge supplier MSE Hiller has paid dividends on several water company projects by reducing the overall risk and cost profile on several sludge thickening & dewatering installations.

By manufacturing, installing and testing as many of the individual system components as possible off-site prior to delivery on to a site leads to cost and time savings as well as :-

* Complete units matched ancillaries all pre-wired & pre-piped, delivered direct to site

* Reduced costs (as the build is done in a controlled and safe environment)

* Reduced Health and safety exposure

* Shorter lead time for installation

* Reduced on site commissioning times.

Examples of recently completed installations of this type include Scottish Water Cupar, Dalderse Falkirk STW; United Utilities Huntington WTW and Northumbrian Water’s Tudhoe Mill STW as well as several industrial clients such as Local generation and North British Distillers.

MSE Hiller has more than 3,000 sq m of workshop facilities at Markham Vale in Derbyshire and are able to pre-assemble and run test complete dewatering  installations in an enclosed environment of the factory here in the UK prior to delivery.

Complete installations including centrifuge, control panels, conveyors, macerator, polymer make up systems, pipework, flowmeters, acoustic covers  etc are all included within the scope.

Savings of up to 50% have been noted from our customers for the same high performance installation outputs.

For example, a recent Scottish Water installation was built in 14 weeks and was commissioned in 5 days providing sludge dewatering at 50 m3/hr from a conventionally digested feed stock at 3% dry solids producing a dewatered cake at 26 - 28% ds and a centrate quality of < 1,500 mg/l Suspended Solids.

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