Simultaneous manufacturing for specialist steering

Louise Smyth

As part of ongoing efforts to invest in its manufacturing processes, steering column specialist, Pailton Engineering, has implemented a new Simultaneous Operation Horizontal Multi-Axis (SOHMAX) machine in its facility in Coventry. The machine, manufactured by Cambridge Dynamics in partnership with Fanuc, is designed for manufacturers to machine both ends of shafts, rods, bars and axles simultaneously.

The SOHMAX machine does the job of up to twelve CNC lathes and milling machines, in favour of one machining operation. The machine can reduce set up times and speed up production of moderately complex parts.
SOHMAX hosts a central carousel, consisting of six beds that can accommodate components up to one metre in length. By indexing by sixty degrees after each movement, the machine allows for twelve machine operations during each cycle, without compromising on the accuracy needed for the automotive market.
Matt Fisher, production manager at Pailton Engineering said, “The commercial vehicle industry often demands a fast prototype to production service, which is why we are continuing to invest in our state-of-the-art production facilities. Our facility is productivity focused and the implementation of the SOHMAX machine is another way for us to meet the time sensitive needs of the industry, fulfilling customer demands and urgent orders.”

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