Simulation showcase

Louise Smyth

The Engineering Simulation Show 2016 takes place on April 7th. The event will bring together some of the greatest businesses in the engineering simulation field. The show will be held at the iconic Derby Roundhouse, at the centre of the UK’s engineering heritage.

The Engineering Simulation Show will bring together thousands of FEA, design, stress, CFD and structural engineers across a wide range of disciplines and industrial sectors who share a professional interest in the use of engineering simulation software. The show will offer a unique opportunity for software developers and VARs to engage with this audience to promote software and identify new potential business possibilities. It will also allow businesses to showcase new product and service development, and to demonstrate how these platforms solve the most challenging engineering problems.

The event will attract a broad engineering audience from small consultancies through to large engineering OEMs who have an interest in the simulation field, and will provide an opportunity for organisations involved in the creation of, practical application of and training in these techniques.

An exhibition hall will be the main focal point of the event, allowing leading software providers in PLM, FEA, Structural Analysis, CFD, F&DT, Stress Analysis and Engineering Analysis. It will also include engineering OEMs showcasing their use of engineering analysis in the design and development of their products. In addition, this space will also feature specialist engineering consultancies that are involved in delivering cutting-edge design projects using simulation software.

Exhibitors will have the opportunity to showcase their latest engineering developments to an audience of over 1,000 engineering managers and directors from many of the world’s largest engineering businesses.

The 200-seater lecture theatre will host a series of industry presentations delivered by leading businesses in the field. Presentations will be given by leading speakers from software providers, engineering OEMs and consultancies.

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