Simplifying system design and manufacture

Paul Boughton

For portable and rechargeable products Cliff Electronics' DC-10L dual socket accepts both 2.1mm and 2.5mm diameter plugs, is rated at Rated 12V/5A, is available with solder tag, PCB or SMT mounting options and has an on-board switch. Being able to accept two of the most common power connector plug sizes simplifies system design and manufacture and offers OEMs reductions in inventory and suppliers.

For rugged AC power connections the multi-pin CliffCon range offers 20A per contact with new models offering from 1 to 9 connection pins water-proofed to IP68. Intended for any application where a high quality, reliable, locking connector system is required the CliffCon range of connectors are tough and durable multi-pole plugs and sockets.

Designed for high power applications, contacts are touch-proof and meet the safety requirements of IEC 65/348. Features include a simple, fool-proof locking mechanism, high reliability wiping contacts, safety “leading” ground pin which makes first and breaks last to prevent damage from arcing if disconnected under load and a built in cable clamp to secure cables from 6 to 15mm diameter.

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