Global Thermoplastic Solutions

SIMONA is acknowledged as one of the leading producers and development partners in the field of thermoplastics. With 1,500 employees at 24 locations worldwide, SIMONA AG is one of the world's leading producers of semi-finished thermoplastics, pipes and fittings. We offer technical solutions centered around industry and infrastructure. Our focus is on providing the very best in application and end-customer orientation within the chemical process and semiconductor industry as well as in the field of water treatment and supply, advertising and building construction, mobility and aquaculture.

Product Range & Applications
Boasting more than 35,000 items, our product range is one of the most extensive worldwide.  Building on the variety, quality and breadth of our product range, we are committed to delivering best-in-class solutions tailored to almost any requirement. In doing so, we always focus on the value we can create for our customers. We aim to become the company with the highest degree of end-consumer orientation in all areas of application relating to our thermoplastic solutions.

At SIMONA, customising is not merely restricted to supplying individual sizes, colours and dimensions tailored to your specific requirements. With the field of application for plastics becoming increasingly diverse, customers also want to be able to choose from a more extensive range of functional characteristics. Whether antistatic, electrically conductive, resistant to chemicals, antibacterial, non-slip or “as smooth as a baby's bottom”, we produce plastics with special properties – of a consistently high quality.

Whether sheets featuring functional layers or high-performance thermoplastics that can be exposed to processing temperatures in excess of 200 °C – our in-house Technology Centre allows us to work on a more extensive range of development projects with new materials and combinations of materials. SIMONA’s abilities as a pioneering innovator are underpinned by lean structures and state-of-the-art multifunctional machinery.

SIMONA's strategy "GrowTogether" focusses on being a partner with businesses and customers, ensuring excellent process and application orientation. SIMONA operates five business lines: Industry, Infrastructure, Advertisement & Building Industry, Mobility and Aquaculture.

Having established a new organisational structure for our EMEA business, comprising five business lines, we are pursuing the goal of an outright focus on end-user applications. At the heart of this lies our commitment to customer-driven thinking and action. Achieving this in terms of ensuring growth in all market segments requires a keen sense of partnership: within and between new teams – and across various sectors. Thus, it is about "growing together" at many levels to create sustainable value for society and the environment.

In taking this new strategic approach, we will capture market share in established core sectors and unlock potential in new fields of application. The focus being on expanding our product and service offering and operating in a manner that is targeted more effectively at end customers and fields of application within our five business lines.

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