Siemens Water Technologies

Industrial Water and Wastewater Treatment Solutions

Siemens Water Technologies creates lasting value for water utilities and industry.

We support safe water supply around the clock, steady industrial production and a rapid, sustainable return on investment. Last but not least, through water processing we protect an important value in itself – the resource water. All this is grounded in our values: a deep sense of responsibility for the customer, daily top performance of water experts, local proximity across the entire plant life-cycle and continuous innovation.

With the broadest range of water technologies, an unmatched service network and a long history of innovation and leadership in applying water and wastewater treatment solutions, Siemens Water Technologies offers everything from emergency water supply and conventional treatment processes to high-tech membrane systems. Our innovations combine treatment processes into smaller, more efficient treatment packages.

Industrial Water and Wastewater Treatment Solutions
Each industry has its own set of water and wastewater requirements which determines the quality of treatment needed. Siemens Water Technologies is ready to help you meet these requirements using pre-engineered and or custom solutions.

Siemens Water Technologies serves more than 90 percent of the Fortune 500 manufacturing companies, including approximately 100,000 industrial customers through high-purity water treatment, water recycling and related services,

Serving Municipal Customers
Whether it’s staying in compliance with the latest water regulations such as the Stage 2 Disinfection By-Product (DBP) and Long Term 2 Enhanced Surface Water (LT2ESWR) Rules, building a new energy efficient plant or simply expanding or maintaining your existing one, we offer the largest array of proven technologies and services for water and wastewater treatment to ensure flexible, cost-effective treatment solutions on your terms.

Health Sciences – Lab and Hospital Water Quality and Quantity Guaranteed
Siemens Water Technologies is your single-source provider of water purification products and services for the laboratory market.  We offer the widest range of solutions including, high purity water systems, central distribution systems, pretreatment and point-of-use ultrapure water polishing systems.

Aquatics and Leisure
For more than 40 years, knowledgeable aquatic professionals have relied on Siemens for meeting the ever-growing challenges of maintaining aquatic and leisure water integrity.  We are one of the world's largest manufacturers of chemical feed and control automation products for the aquatic and leisure market.  Our offerings include innovative control technologies, chemical feed systems, and other products to ensure optimum water chemistry.


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