Shield connection for full-scale solution for toolless assembly

Jon Lawson

CONTA-CLIP's shield connection clip programme provides technicians and manufacturers of electrical equipment and cabinets with a modular system for easy tool-free contacting of cable shielding with DIN rails, bus bars, enclosures or mounting plates.

The design comprising a limited, easily manageable number of pluggable, variable components offers the right solution for any installation situation and for various cable diameters.

The system includes various shield connection clamps for cable diameters of 1.5 mm to 18 mm, clamp mountings for all mounting types, bus bar holders and the proven CONTA-CLIP screen-connection clips with screw or spring contact technology.

The stripped cable is pushed into the SABK type shield-connection clamps. The spring tension of the clamp then results in an even all-around contacting of the cable shield. The large-area shield contact ensures a low input leak resistor even at high frequencies.

Thanks to a specialised design with two retracting legs, the clamp version SABKM Multi also offers a wide, flexible clamping range, allowing users to reduce the number of types to be kept in stock.

Moreover, clamps of all types and sizes are easy to snap onto any kind of mounting foot. Mounting foots are available in three designs: with M4 or self-tapping M5 screws for direct mounting, for snap-on mounting on 10 x 3mm bus bars, and for snap-on mounting on TS 35 mounting rails. A metal peg on the mounting feet allows for a firm connection of cable ties to the feet for strain relief. For row mounting of up to 12 cable screens, row mounting feet are also available. They can be easily snapped off at predetermined breaking points for any required quantity. Users can opt for either screw or rivet attachment.

For single mounting, the proven SAB/SSAB shield-connection clamps are available for cable cross sections between 3mm and 35mm. The programme comprises various series: contacting options include a spring clamp connection system or knurled screw system; installation designs for direct mounting or mounting on bus bars, mounting rails or C-profile rails are all available.

Rail holding clamps and end brackets for bus bar mounting complete the product offering. The components all feature the same dimensions as SRK/SSL and RK/SL series screw terminals for cross sections up to 10 mm². They provide a friction-locked tight fit on diverse mounting rail types. For free positioning of the shield connection clamps on mounting plates or in cabinets, rail holders are available. 10 x 3 bus bars can be easily and quickly snapped on. Featuring a perfectly matched line-up of products, CONTA-CLIP's shield system portfolio is one of the most comprehensive on the market that is unparalleled in terms of completeness, simplicity, and flexibility.