Server-grade computer modules

Paul Boughton

congatec AG’s latest addition to its COM Express Basic portfolio is the conga-TS97 computer module with either Intel Core or Intel Xeon processors (codename Broadwell) manufactured in 14nm technology.

The new conga-TS97 COM Express Basic module in the Intel Xeon version delivers server-grade performance for the first time and, compared to its predecessors, excels not only with its overall performance but particularly in terms of graphics due to the featured Intel Iris Pro technology. Intel's most powerful processor-integrated graphics and media engine offers an immersive user experience with fast 3D rendering and realistic shading at high frame rates.

The new conga-TS97 high-end module is designed for any industry sector where applications with customised I/O and IoT interface configurations must meet the highest performance standards in the smallest space.

While the Intel Core processor-based modules are well suited for applications ranging from industrial automation to medical, retail and gaming, the Intel Xeon processor-based modules are designed for industry-standard server platforms.

Areas of application include carrier-grade edge node servers as well as industrial cloud servers with high packing density and/or minimum footprint.

The high graphics performance of the integrated Intel Iris Pro technology, useful in carrier-grade applications for content delivery platforms with real time video transcoding and network functions virtualisation (NFV), will also work well in industrial applications to fulfil important situational awareness tasks - for example in autonomous vehicles.

GPGPU-based applications can also be found in parallel deep packet inspection or content encryption and decryption. For server-based applications, the graphics engine delivers distributed clients rich and responsive 3D performance for CAD, 3D modelling and video rendering.

Since the new processors are manufactured at the 14nm node of the new microarchitecture, performance upgrades are quick and efficient to implement. Existing product lines can be enhanced with new performance classes and optimised TDP, while the immediate availability of evaluation boards speeds up the evaluation process for new applications.