Security critical RTOS support

Paul Boughton

Lynx Software Technologies, Inc, a leader in the embedded safety and security software market, has announced the availability of its board support package (BSP) for the Curtiss-Wright Defense Solutions 6U VME-1908 and 6U OpenVPX VPX6-1958 rugged Single Board Computers (SBCs).

The new BSPs are part of LynxOS 7, the latest release of the security critical RTOS (real-time operating system) from Lynx Software Technologies. The BSPs bring the new LynxOS 7 security oriented RTOS to Curtiss-Wright’s VME-1908 and VPX6-1958 SBCs taking advantage of Intel’s 4th Generation Core i7 multi-core processors.

LynxOS 7 is the first commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) real-time operating system to provide open APIs to achieve medium-assurance security per the general purpose operating-system protection profile (GPOSPP). LynxOS 7 provides a layered approach to security adding functionality such as roles, capabilities, access controls, quotas, residual information protection, and self-test allowing applications to immediately design security into their products. LynxOS is already in millions of devices and this new functionality allows both existing and new customers to bring security to the forefront.

Curtiss-Wright’s VME-1908 and VPX6-1958 boards contain Intel Core i7 processors with four cores delivering 2.4 GHz of performance.  Each SBC can support up to 32GB of high-bandwidth DDR3 SDRAM and comes with a rich complement of high-speed I/O, including multiple Gigabit Ethernet, Gen3 PCIe, USB 2.0 ports, GPIO, SATA, RS-232, RS-422, and two PMC/XMC mezzanine sites.

These boards represent a significant advancement in functionality and performance for rugged SBCs. With the release of the new BSPs Lynx Software Technologies has created a foundation on which to build ruggedised, high performance, multi-core, complex solutions with deterministic, hard real-time performance using open POSIX-conformant APIs, and state of the art security.