In search of the perfect purge

Jon Lawson

A weld purge monitor from Huntingdon Fusion Techniques has been designed and developed that reads from atmospheric level of oxygen (20.94%), down to one part per million (0.0001%), breaking all technological boundaries in one instrument.

The PurgEye 600 has a life time sensor that will not need replacing or recalibrating. This high level, advanced instrument has been designed with a large, full colour touch screen (3.2-in/ 81mm) and on-screen graph displaying the oxygen levels during the welding process.

USB data logging capability allows the operator the ease of data transfer without the need for a computer connection. These stable, accurate results can be logged for each weld, using the PurgeLog Software

Not only has HFT been able to achieve these features, they have also included an internal sampling pump with gas filtration, which means there is no requirement for an external hand pump.

Quick fit/disconnect, leak tight fittings are manufactured as standard on the PurgEye 600. In addition, control alarms will activate in the event of rising or falling oxygen level, which can be pre-set by the user.

The PurgEye 600 Weld Purge Monitor is suitable for industries such as aerospace, pharmaceutical, semiconductor, cryogenics, specialist gas manufacture and food and beverage, as well as many others where oxide free, zero colour welds have to be achieved and where traceability is a major advantage for the requirements of high-end quality control systems.


Argweld® PurgEye® 600 Weld Purge Monitor®