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Fast, reliable, safe mill relining

Since 1985, RUSSELL MINERAL EQUIPMENT (RME) has been the leading OEM and supplier of grinding mill relining technologies globally. Our mission is to visibly, defensibly, sustainably improve our Customers’ concentrator performance.

Our pursuit to improve mill availability and safety has led to the RME Mill Relining System – an integrated suite of technologies for every step on the mill relining path. Today this system incorporates advanced autonomous capabilities which enable safer relining from outside the mill and accelerates relining speed.

The major technologies which underpin the RME Mill Relining System include:

RUSSELL Mill Relining Machines

With 550+ sold worldwide, RUSSELL 7 Mill Relining Machines (MRMs) are the most widely used and favoured by reline crews globally. Available in 1.5T to 13T capacities and a range of new models, which from 2024 on, can be deployed with or field-upgraded with RME AutoMotion robotics technology. RUSSELL TWIN MRMs are also available for dual-sided relining. We also offer the RUSSELL 3V and RUSSELL 6V Mill Relining Machines for vertical stirred mills.

RUSSELL Mill Liner Handlers

RME’s liner handlers are tailor-made for smaller mills, offering RME quality at an affordable price. These include the carry-in MILLMAST Powershift for liners to 400 kg, the proven RUSSELL 3-L 1000, and the new RUSSEL 3/7-E 1500 Hybrid Liner Exchange Machine, which can be either a 3-axis handler that evolves to a 7-axis MRM to advance relining speed and safety.

THUNDERBOLT Recoilless Hammers

With 1100+ sold to date, THUNDERBOLTs are the fastest and safest method for knocking in worn liners. Our six-model-range includes the new THUNDERBOLT MAGNUM 1000 and 2000 Recoilless Hammers, the hardest hitting and most productive in the industry. Download our free whitepaper which quantifies ‘The knock-in effect of THUNDERBOLT MAGNUM’ on reline duration and mill availability. RME also offers THUNDERBOLT (T-MAGS) Moil Axis Guides for improved knock-in efficiency.

THUNDERBOLT Suspension and Work Platforms

Fit-for-purpose THUNDERBOLT Suspension optimises hammer effectiveness and is ergonomically-safer for crews. We have a range of mobile and fixed suspension, including the new RUSSELL Elevating PlatformsTHUNDERBOLT SKYPORT and THUNDERBOLT SKYWAY for roboticised hammer control.


RME INSIDEOUT Technology is a range of innovative tooling which removes crew from inside the mill during relining. The new RUSSELL Claw enables the MRM to ‘grab’ worn liners straight from the charge without manual slinging, and RME BOLTBOSS for securing new liners, nuts and bolts from the mill’s exterior. Learn more about RME Advanced Technology.

RME Mill Relining Optimisation Program

The RME Mill Relining Optimisation Program delivers shorter shutdowns, reduced risk and higher mill availability. This partnering capability leverages our 35+ year relining expertise, performance benchmarking, advanced technologies, training and coaching. We integrate these with a vision for your site and a collaborative step-by-step transformation journey. A key part of this program is our MILL RELINE DIRECTOR (MRD) discrete event simulation platform. It creates a ‘digital twin’, benchmarks reline performance, and models the impact of ‘what ifs’ on mill availability. RME also offers MILL RELINE DIRECTOR Safety studies.

RME Asset Support

Acquiring the best-performing equipment is only part of the story. What makes RME unique is not just our broad range of parts and services, but the application of insight, process and technology. Customers access regionally-located global relining expertise wherever they are in the world – at every lifecycle stage.

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