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As global sieving and filtration specialists, Russell Finex designs and manufactures industrial sieves, vibrating separators, ultrasonic mesh deblinding systems and liquid filters for use in all processing industries. With subsidiaries in the UK, USA, Belgium, India and China, as well as a far-reaching network of experienced agents and distributors across the world, all equipment is engineered for a global market and is supplied to over 140 countries.

Russell Finex offers the widest range of industrial filtration and sieving equipment on the market. Combining innovative thinking with engineering expertise, custom built solutions can be provided to suit your unique requirements. A dedicated team of knowledgeable sales engineers and customer service staff across the globe are at hand to help you with all your needs.
Vibrating check-screeners
Also known as safety or inline screeners, these vibrating check-screeners ensure that the highest product quality of powders or liquids is achieved by removing oversize contamination. Designed to provide high-capacities while fitting neatly into production lines, these high-performance industrial sieves ensure productivity is optimized while also keeping your maintenance costs to a minimum.

See how this industrial sieve screens whey powder to ensure the highest product quality is achieved.

Grading machines for wet or dry materials
High performance round separators for grading and sizing of wet and dry materials on up to 5 fractions in one operation for increased sieving accuracy and efficiency. Whether you need grading sieves to remove fines and oversize contamination or are looking to accurately separate product into different fractions, Russell Finex can provide you with the right solution.

Watch a video of this round separator grading broken product pieces when integrated in a food production process.

Ultrasonic deblinding systems

Ultrasonic deblinding systems are used to eliminate mesh blinding and blockage, which is a common problem when sieving sticky, dry or extremely fine powders. The Vibrasonic® Deblinding System uses an ultrasonic frequency applied to the mesh, enabling finer meshes to be used and in turn greatly increasing screening capacity. It has revolutionized the screening of difficult powders, allowing accurate separation down to 20µm. The ultrasonic system has been designed to be retrofitted to any existing industrial sieve or grading separator.

See how the ultrasonic system helps to check-screen difficult to sieve metal powders.

Liquid solid separation equipment

The Russell Liquid Solid Separator™ is the ideal machine for continuous removal of solids from liquid slurries. Suited to applications such as processing wash water, separating curds from whey or managing effluent streams, this high capacity centrifugal separator is able to process up to 100,000l/hr whilst also reducing the loss of good product.

Watch a video of the Russell Liquid Solid Separator™ separating liquid solubles from spent grains.

Self-cleaning in-line filters

The wide range of industrial filters is ideal for removing oversize contamination from liquids, providing consistently high flow rates with no operator control necessary. With a high performance, self-cleaning design and a unique wiper system, filtration can be achieved down to 10 microns. As no filter bags or cartridges are needed, loss of good product is minimized.

See how a self-cleaning filter handles high temperature filtration of chocolate.

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