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Based in Central Europe, RSBP is a leading international specialist in fire and explosion protection in the food, wood, paper, chemical, and power industries. We have been engaged in providing fire and explosion protection for industrial equipment since 1992. Our protective systems and devices are made for the intended use. We offer various products suitable for explosion venting, isolation, and suppression.

RSBP is a professional supplier of solutions for protecting industrial plants and equipment against combustible dust explosions. We help detect the risks and prevent the occurrence of explosions and fires. Our engineers consider all safety and technical measures related to explosion protection. We help with the administration process and prepare a professional assessment which is essential for designing comprehensive explosion protection. We take into account the current condition and technology of machinery and equipment. All technological procedures and equipment undergo a thorough review and professional assessment by their experts.

We recommend considering fire and explosion protection at an early stage of the project documentation. Our engineers are active participants in the preparation of project documentation and will help you achieve the best possible protection against explosions without technological restrictions. Incorrectly designed fire and explosion elements can often lead to an increased risk of the explosion rather than to its suppression. Limit the risk. Work only with trained experts. RSBP limits risk for over 30 years. Contact us to get more information.

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