ROV Breakthrough

Louise Davis

5G wireless, long-distance control of subsea robots has been achieved

The world of ROV operations has recently achieved a promising industry breakthrough combining underwater robotics with 5G wireless controlling capabilities. Through Qysea Technology’s innovative Edgebox computing system, along with a 4G/5G communications network, users of the Fifish underwater robot can achieve a seamless operation of their ROVs from remote and distant locations.

The integration of Fifish’s compact ROV system with 5G communication networks aims to modernise and bring forth a new age of marine operations and subsea explorations.

With wireless long-distance controlling capabilities, operators gain the ability to control the robot at remote sites from their own offices. The integrated system and network deliver a low latency controlling experience and high-definition video feedback in real-time, providing operators across a range of marine industries with greater efficiency, effectiveness, and working safety.

The Edgebox computing system is a powerful tool that links with 5G communications networks to deliver operational capabilities for Fifish users from remote locations. The Edgebox server amplifies the connections from the ROV remote and screen monitor to a provider base station via the router. On the other side, the signals and communications from the base station are received by the Edgebox remote from a mobile router, which can then unlock the controlling capabilities of the ROV.

By using surrounding base station networks and communication sources, users can operate the ROV from vast distance ranges of up to hundreds of kilometres away from their base operating areas. The Edgebox system has proven to be an innovative solution across numerous marine applications and professional fields.

Real-World Applications

Asia is a major maritime region with highly developed aquatic products and maritime technologies. With an openness for new technologies to improve current working processes, the FIFISH and 5G integrated system has been applied successfully throughout the region’s subsea-related projects.

Back in December of 2021, Japanese telecommunications operator KDDI, commercial drone manufacturer Prodrone and underwater robotics firm Qysea unveiled the world’s first ‘sea-air integrated drone’ during a flight showcase at the Hakkeijima Sea Paradise in Yokohama. Using the Edgebox system that allows for control of the ROV from remote distances, the novel drone aims to modernise offshore and marine operations with its intelligent capabilities, high working efficiency, and minimised manpower required.

New control system

To further break the boundaries of distances and increase the opportunity for global users – regardless of country or region – to test the underwater robots, the QYSEA team has plans to roll out a new cloud control system in the coming months that will allow users from around the world to test pilot the products with internet connectivity.The system will essentially allow customers and interested users to pilot the Fifish through a high-speed internet connection, connecting users from their location to Qysea’s ROV testing centre. This means that users across the globe will be able to test operate the robot from the comfort of their homes and offices.

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