Robust circuit breaker

Paul Boughton

SCHURTER is merging robust metal switches and reliable circuit breakers into a new product: the T12-MSM. The company says this is the first circuit breaker on the market that is attractive from a visual standpoint and need not be hidden on the rear of equipment.

The company now offers its series of circuit breakers with thermal operation (T12) and thermal-magnetic operation (TM12) with the established MSM series metal switches.

The MSM switches are characterised by their visual lookl and operating characteristics. Both the housing and the actuator are fabricated from high-quality stainless steel, and there are a variety of design options as regards size, colour, lighting and labelling.

The T12 and TM12 are reliable circuit breakers with positive trip-free operation. The contacts open even if the reset button is manually held in the closed position. They reliably protect equipment with rated currents from 50 mA to 16 A and, thanks to the optional magnetic release, even those with increased risk of short circuits.

The combination of the T12 circuit breaker and the MSM switch now unites all these features in a product that is also extremely robust. With a vandal-proof design, IP 64 tightness protection and IK 07 impact resistance, the T12-MSM is also suited for outdoor applications and use in harsh environments.

With this move, SCHURTER is moving circuit breakers away from the rear side of equipment to the front side where an appealing design is paramount.

Among its wide range of possible uses are those where appealing design is important as well as electromechanically shielded applications, outdoor applications and especially those with electric motors.

Technical data:

* T12-MSM circuit breaker with stainless steel actuator;

* Rated voltage: 240 VAC/28 VDC;

* Rated current: 50 mA-16 A (15 A UL);

* Manual On/Off actuation;

* Available with auxiliary contact or shunt terminal;

* Quick-connect or screw-clamp terminals;

* Threaded neck type;

* Actuator available in 19mm and 22mm diameters;

* Point or ring illumination;

* A variety of labelling options.