Robots Introduced

News Editor

Rivelin Robotics is pleased to announce that it will introduce its innovative NetShape Robots at Formnext alongside stand co-hosts TextureJet which will be introducing its electrochemical jet machining (EJM) technology.  
The development and commercial delivery of NetShape Robots is the result of Rivelin Robotics’ commitment to drive the mass uptake of metal AM across industry by focusing on a major challenge — the lack of fast and reliable post processing solutions for metal AM parts and components. For many metal AM applications, post processing contributes upwards of 30% of unit cost per part, often involving manual intervention which introduces part-to-part quality inconsistency. In addition, it is a costly, laborious, and in some instances hazardous part of the production workflow.

At Formnext 2022, Rivelin Robotics will demonstrate its innovative NetShape Robot which provides an automated solution for metal support removal and targeted finishing to meet the standards of mission critical industries. Driven by the powerful NetShape control software developed by Rivelin Robotics, both machine learning and traditional deterministic control theory are used to optimise the quality and repeatability of support removal and finishing. The result is an automated support removal solution that reduces defects by 90%, exhibits a 10-fold reduction in operational costs, and eliminates human risk and variability.
Robert Bush, CEO at Rivelin Robotics says, “We are delighted to announce that we will be exhibiting at Formnext, the show being the first time that we will present our innovative metal AM post-processing technology. The search for automated post-processing solutions is on-going and vital for the mass uptake of metal AM across industry, and is the reason that Rivelin Robotics exists. As a company we aim to drive the uptake of AM which we see as a major contributor to a sustainable future, and which will have lasting benefits for our environment. With NetShape Robots we introduce our first breakthrough to achieve this goal.”
The Rivelin Robotics team will be available to discuss how NetShape Robots can be applied to the specifics of customer applications, and to discuss how the automation of common metal AM post processing tasks can protect workers’ health, tackle skills shortages, and reduce costs.