Riding in Style With The Next-Gen Cabs

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Mining trucks optimised for more comfortable and productive hauling

Built to advance productive hauling, the next-generation cab for Cat mining trucks includes numerous automation features to improve operator efficiency. The larger, ergonomically optimised cab design incorporates more than 30 new features that improve connectivity, build confidence and adapt to future mining needs with an expandable electronics platform.

Integrated Cat electronics boost data analytics and diagnostic capabilities. The re-engineered electronics platform improves maintenance for mining trucks through enhanced remote services offerings – Remote Flash and Remote Troubleshoot. By upgrading software and diagnosing machine alerts remotely at a time convenient for the production schedule, Remote Flash and Remote Troubleshoot deliver higher productivity with maximised truck uptime.

Starting With The Operator

Making the operator more comfortable and efficient is at the heart of the next-gen cab. The walk-through design with fully adjustable centre console, increased legroom, adjustable seat, temperature-controlled HVAC system and advanced cab filtration option delivers a safer and more comfortable operator environment. Two 254mm, ideally located displays eliminate clutter and reduce operator fatigue. The touchscreen display integrates several standard and optional Caterpillar technologies with a simple, consistent and intuitive streamlined interface.

Reducing adjustment time to seconds, the new in-cab powered mirror control delivers convenient left- and right-side rearview mirror adjustments from the operator seat. The deluxe cab is available with high efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filter options to reduce operator exposure to potentially hazardous particles. Delivering more stabilised cabin pressurisation over all HVAC fan speeds, the new design reduces respirable dust penetration up to 96% to keep operators healthier.

“Every time we get a new machine at the quarry, we feel that they are getting better. They are getting more sophisticated to help the operator run the machine,” says Mario Amaran, heavy equipment operator for Cemex Quarry in Florida, USA. “The panels and controls are within your reach without having to lose your focus on operating the machine. It’s very comfortable, even with our dirt-road situations. We bring a lot of dirt to the hopper, and the operators are happy.”

Boosting Productivity

From secure push-button start to AutoHoist, the cab is equipped with a host of standard and optional features that improve efficiency and productivity. Eliminating the key and up to 30-second hold sequence for cold starting, the new secure automated starting process enables all pre-start functions and checks to occur at the push of the button. A unique operator ID code authenticates the operator to improve security.

Enhanced automatic retarder control (ARC) sets retarding speed based on grade, payload, and brake oil temperature and demonstrated up to 6% higher retarding speeds in feature validation. Operators can use the console’s rotary dial to set the maximum speed limit maintained during retarding without further actions to reduce fatigue and improve efficiency. Enhanced Cat Payload System delivers more accurate measurement of payloads.

Multiple optional features customise the operator experience and improve efficiency. AutoHoist automatically raises the truck body and controls the engine speed, simplifying operation and can reduce the dump cycle time by up to 12 seconds. Offering feedback on truck operation to maximise its potential, Speed Coaching provides a recommended speed, indicating the machine capability for both propulsion and retarding.

Eliminating the need for two-foot hill starts, standard Hill Start with Anti Roll Back keeps the truck stationary through automatic brake application when rolling in the opposite direction of the selected gear. Assessing individual wheel speeds, grade and acceleration, enhanced traction control determines targeted rear-wheel speeds to improve control, while reducing tyre wear and damage. Elevating mine safety, Object Detect combines radar and camera systems to warn truck operators of hazards within the immediate vicinity.

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