Partnering with the bulk material handling industry for over 40 years.

Richwood (a West Virginia, USA Corporation) was founded in 1976. From the beginning, Richwood has determined that the best way to do business is to develop partnerships built on mutual respect and trust. We strive to: help our clients achieve maximum productivity, provide components that require a minimum of maintenance, increase safety in conveyor operations and lower operating costs by creating efficiencies, in other words, provide real value and return on investment.

Richwood holds many patents for products, among these are the Richwood belt cleaning systems, the Impact Saddle®, and Cushion Arc® Impact Idler. Richwood products provide innovative heavy-duty solutions to material handling problems and is ISO 9001:20015 certified. This dedication to quality, service and solutions can be seen in applications throughout the world where Richwood products are in service.


Areas of expertise
Richwood focuses on the needs of each application and provides custom engineered solutions. We specialize in eliminating carryback issues with reliable belt cleaning. Richwood helped create CEMA standard 576 for belt cleaning specifications and uses this as a guide for recommendations. The guide measures belt speed, belt width, material being conveyed, its moisture content and the number and type of splices so that the right recommendations can be made, based on the needs of the application.

Richwood also designs safe and contained load zones using the principles of good load zone design. Richwood was instrumental in creating CEMA standard 575 for impact bed and cradle selection.

For containment and wear liner solutions as well as lagging materials Richwood uses proprietary rubber compounds for exponentially longer wear life.


Manufactured products and services

  • Belt Cleaning Systems

  • Impact Saddles®

  • Cushion Arc® Impact Idlers

  • Combi-Lagg® Ceramic Pulley Lagging

  • Rapid-Lagg™ Rubber Pulley Lagging,

  • Material Containment Systems

  • Combi-Clamp® Skirtboard Clamps

  • Rock Flex® Skirtboard Rubber

  • Richwood Canoe Liners®

  • Rock Flex® Rubber

  • Rock Plate™ Ceramic/Rubber Matrix.

  • On-Track® Return Belt Tracking Idlers

We solve problems like material carryback, dust and material spillage concerns at load zones, chute liner wear, belt mis-tracking and belt slippage. Site specific engineered system from Richwood provide cleaner work areas, material and dust containment at load zones, improved safety for employees, carryback-free belt lines, positive belt center tracking and reduced wear and maintenance in transfer chutes.

Primary markets served
Richwood services all mining, power, and aggregates industries as well as metals, biomass and bulk material ship loading. Richwood serves a global clientele with a network of service and support representatives. Rely on Richwood, for a partnership in solutions that you can trust.  For more information contact



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