Rhopoint Components Ltd.

Rhopoint Components Ltd., a member of the Rhopoint Group, specialise in the distribution of precision electronic components, sensors, connectors and enclosures.

We are an authorised partner for over 25 industry-leading manufacturers from around the world, offering an extensive range of stocked components and fully customised solutions to meet your requirements.

Backed by an efficient sales and distribution operation from our main office in West Sussex, England, our friendly and professional team offer a high level of technical and logistical knowledge to support you throughout your customer journey. Alongside our proficient internal support team, we also have several qualified engineers based around the UK and Europe that can offer in depth product knowledge and support when you need it most, either online or in person. Our expert team have been working closely with our manufacturing partners for many years, placing us in a unique position to advise on projects, whether they are custom designed or standard stocked parts. In 2006, we expanded our operation with the introduction of Rhopoint Nordic ApS, to better support our Scandinavian customers. As of 2021, we have also expanded further into the European market with the introduction of Rhopoint Komponenten GmbH, supporting our German customers with a dedicated office and warehouse.

Our Product Offering

Our original company scope was to provide a range of stocked and custom resistors into market. Since then we have expanded our range and to this day still look to increase our portfolio where needed. As a company we now offer a wide variety of electronic components, sensors, connectors and enclosures into our markets. These include:

Electronic Components
From our first product to our primary sellers, electronic components have been at the heart of our business since the beginning. These include common components such as Resistors, Thermistors, Capacitors, JFETs and many more.

We offer a broad selection of sensors from a number of different industry leading manufacturers. Many of our sensors are designed for use in a variety of industries including Automotive, Medical, Aerospace, Oil & Gas and other harsh environment applications.

Used in almost all electrical and electronic products, connectors are one of the most essential pieces of any project. Choosing the correct one can be vital to the overall product design. To help with this, we have an extensive offering of PCB connectors, jacks, and terminal blocks.

Cabinets & Enclosures
We represent a leading innovator in developing enclosure solutions to protect your electrical and electronic designs from hostile environments. With a large catalogue available to us, we are able to enclose and contain most projects including power distributions, control systems, and electronic devices.

Additional supported products
As part of our ever-growing portfolio to support our customers, we also have a variety of other products that fall outside the scope of electronic components. This includes current and voltage measurement modules, modular data acquisition modules and portable milliohm meters and accessories.

Applications & Industries Includes


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