RF transistors and pallets

Jon Lawson

Ampleon has announced the availability of a complete line-up of RF power transistors and pallets based on the latest Gen 9 LDMOS process technology.

Available power levels include 50 watts drivers up to 400 watts finals. Aimed at a broad range of S band radar for pulsed RF applications, the enhanced power density attributes of Gen 9 meet the specific needs of the aerospace and defence industry for size, weight, power, plus cost and reliability or SWaP – CR. This process technology has excellent ruggedness characteristics, capable of operating up to a VSWR 10:1, coupled with a high efficiency.

The high power density aspects of Gen 9 and optimised die design also ensure that package size can be kept as small as possible, this helping to reduce the overall PA size, a factor increasingly important in today’s space constrained designs. The devices are packaged in an SOT502 format measuring 20.6 x 9.8 x 4.1mm.

The modular RF power block pallet solutions, with dimensions 3.5 x 5.5cm and weighing 85 grams, provide a perfect combination of known good design, trusted and proven technology together with a low price-point that result in savings both in terms of development costs and manufacturing lead times and cost savings. In addition the modular approach ensures a high level of product consistency. Facilitating quicker design cycles that result in faster time to market, multiple pallets can be combined to deliver higher power solutions.

Samples can be ordered for the BLS9GXX transistor family and BPS9GXX S band pallets. Electrical models and test reports are available upon request.