Retractable fittings for process spectroscopy

Paul Boughton

Knick's Ceramat retractable fittings allow for a safe automatic cleaning of optical sensors without process interruptions and thus ensure reliable process control.

Featuring an indestructible ceramic sealing between sensor and process, Ceramat sensor lock-gates are suitable for extremely demanding measuring tasks in various fields of applications, where conventional fittings fail.

In addition, special Ceramat design is compatible with Hellma sensors. The sensor can be directly immersed in the stream. Measurements are no longer dependent on a conventional immersion tube.

UV/VIS/NIR and Raman spectroscopy are established measuring technologies in process analysis. Optical immersion probes, directly adapted to pipe or reactor, usually serve as interfaces to the process for these systems. Depending on the medium, however, the optical window can be contaminated, leading to a significant impairment of measuring precision or even an altogether faulty measuring signal.

To avoid this, measurement then has to be interrupted to cleanse the sensor or put on hold until the next cleaning interval of the production facility. Optical measuring methods were therefore rarely used when dealing with difficult mediums such as glue or moist powder.

Working with Hellma and tec5, Knick has solved this problem and specially adapted the tried-and-tested Ceramat retractable fitting and the cleaning and calibration system Unical 9000 to the requirements of spectroscopy with optical fibres and optical immersion probes.

Any contamination of the optical window is detected by the spectrometry software via the measuring signal. The probe can then be cleaned when necessary or automatically according to a set cycle. The probe is rinsed with up to four cleaning or calibration liquids and dried with pressurised air.

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