Reliable separation of fluids

Paul Boughton

Wieland Thermal Solutions’ GEWA-safe tubes (practically a tube-in-tube solution) feature defined leakage paths between the inner and outer tube for the absolutely reliable separation of fluids, eg reactive, hazardous or explosive fluids, without the need for additional circulation (closed loop intermediate fluid).

This ensures highest system availability, efficiency and safety, as damage to inner or outer tube is immediately recognisable and can be fixed as part of regularly scheduled maintenance.

The thermal contact of the two tubes results in outstanding heat transfer without additional heat transfer fluid.

GEWA-safe tubes enable the manufacture of very compact heat exchangers, thus reducing material costs and fill levels. Depending on the desired application, the tubes are available with either smooth or profiled surface in copper, cupronickel and stainless steel.

The safety tubes are used, for example, in the pre-heating of fuel gas for gas turbines, for the protection against environmentally harmful and toxic substances, for the isolation of heat transfer oil in transformer stations and for drinking water protection according to DIN EN 1717 in heat-pump systems. They are also used in so-called safety heat exchangers for highest standards regarding system safety in chemical processes, for example in the production of polysilicon. 

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