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Jon Lawson

Wim Vanheertum details the latest developments in high-performance connectivity

Design engineers are racing to build smaller, faster and smarter devices, spurred on by fast-changing societal and technological trends – such as increased mobility, waste aversion and the Internet of Things.

Customers are looking for devices that are compact, durable, easy to use and able to transfer data efficiently across different platforms and devices.

Since reliable connectivity makes or breaks the user experience, choosing the right connector and cable solution is crucial.

Choosing the right innovation partner gives designers a winning edge.

Fischer Connectors works closely with its customers worldwide to transform challenges into successes.

It continues to aid product innovation by designing high-performance connectivity solutions that integrate: miniaturisation – making devices smaller, mobile and versatile; ultra-ruggedness – making devices tougher, durable and resistant to harsh environments; and fast data transmission – making devices faster and smarter.

The lightweight, high-density Fischer MiniMax Series has been extended with a new dedicated USB 3.0 contact block in the 08 size connector, a robust, IP68-sealed solution that meets needs for even faster signal speeds, higher performance and greater functionality in small devices.

With a combination of signal and power contacts and three locking systems, it is small, light and easy to use. It is used, for example, in miniature computers to replace standard input/output connectors and achieve full compliance with demanding USB 3.0 data protocols.

High-power connectivity

The rugged, compact Fischer UltiMate Series now features two high-power configurations, to improve the power supply alongside signals. It enables the full integration of UltiMate connectors into all applications, offering even more flexibility with new configurations of two contacts of 26A each or three contacts of 16A each, both combined with three signal contacts.

With IP68/69 or hermetic sealing, and 360°C EMC shielding, it withstands high levels of shock, vibration, corrosion and temperature extremes over 10,000 mating cycles. It is used, for instance in a new field radio, jointly developed by Fischer Connectors and a customer, to optimise power connectivity.

Wearable connectivity

The new rugged LP360 connector is low profile, allowing for easy integration into clothing and 360° mating to optimise cable management.

By eliminating the key code, it can be mated, routed and plugged in any direction, ensuring the cable always goes straight to the device.

Fully cleanable on the receptacle and plug side, it is easy to use and maintain. It is used in products such as tactical vests, to avoid twists and turns in the cables, eliminate tangles, reduce clutter and improve usability, making equipment lighter and faster to set up.

Wim Vanheertum is with Fischer Connectors

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