The red firefighter

Paul Boughton

Marathon Motors’ range of UL-listed fire pump, drip-proof motors has been expanded to include a totally enclosed fan-cooled (TEFC) NEMA offering. The whole range including the new units is available through Regal UK (Regal Beloit UK Ltd).

Fire pump motors are the critical component in building sprinkler systems, their role being to supply a robust, pressurised water supply to both the sprinkler risers and to hose stand pipes distributed throughout the building. While they may stand idle for much of their working lives, they must work perfectly when called upon in the event of an emergency. They are required to be certified by an independent approval body at manufacture and to be regularly functionally tested by an authorised fire specialist, once installed.

Marathon’s new TEFC fire pump motor is available in a power range of 3HP to 450HP, with two- and four-pole capabilities, three-phase, 1800rpm to 3600rpm, 200V to 460V and 60/50 Hz ratings. It is of cast-iron construction, and uses ball bearings to provide a robust and reliable unit. These forced draught motors are intended for installation in dirty or harsh environments, thereby complementing Marathon’s drip-proof fire pump motors, which are designed for installation in clean and benign environments.

In detail, the NEMA TEFC motors have a 1.15 service factor and can be connected direct on line, in Star Delta or for part-winding start. They are UL-listed, CSA certified and CE marked. Special voltages are also available on request.

The new units meet National Fire Protection Association NFPA 20 Standards, which covers the installation of stationary fire pumps. For ease of identification, they are painted bright red and comply with, or exceed, national and international standards for energy efficiency.

Marathon also has a range of IEC Fire Pump motors, which complement the NEMA products. With these two ranges Marathon can meet the needs for Fire Pump motors around the world. This means Marathon will be able to continue to supply Europe should it, as some commentators expect, adopt new legislation based on the NEMA specification.

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