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RAHN would like to present you GENOMER* 4267 an aliphatic urethane acrylate for radically curable inks, coatings, artificial fingernails and adhesives.

  • Properties

  • Exceptional balance of hardness and flexibility (toughness)

  • Very high flexibility

  • Tack free films

  • Midrange reactivity

  • Good solvent resistance

  • Low yellowing

  • Good adhesion to metals and plastics

  • Monomer free

RAHN EnergyCuring is a premier international supplier of specialty chemicals focused on additives, oligomers, photoinitiators and reactive diluents. The products are used mainly in ultraviolet and electron beam cure technologies. With more as 70 years in business along with gained experience, know-how and competent technical support made the EnergyCuring division a leading provider in this specific market.

Energy curing, also known as UV/EB-Curing, is a technology for curing printing inks, varnishes, plastic and adhesives, using UV-light or electron beams. This method allows curing to take place within seconds, without the use of volatile organic compounds (VOC).
Advantages for using radiation curing are:

  • No volatile organic compounds and therefore no emissions

  • Fast curing, higher production speed

  • Low energy consumption

  • Small space requirement

  • High and consistent quality of the manufactured products

  • One component systems for easy handling 


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