The Leading Cross-Platform Application and UI Framework

Create once. Deploy Everywhere. Qt.

Qt is a leading cross-platform application and UI development framework for leading desktop, embedded and mobile operating systems. Qt uses standard C and is widely used for developing software applications with a GUI and also for developing non-GUI applications with features such as file handling, database access, XML parsing,thread management and network support.

Qt’s powerful full-framework capabilities allows for the creation of highly-performing native applications as well as for hybrid development where the developer can choose which tools provide the best user experience. Qt is created by developers for developers where making developers’ lives easier is top priority. We strive to provide an incomparable developer experience with the tools necessary to create amazing user experiences. Qt is platform agnostic and believes in making sure that all developers are privy of being able to target multiple platforms with one framework by simply reusing code. We believe in providing freedom to the developer. Code less. Create more. Deploy everywhere.

Unbeatable Platform Support
Windows | Mac | Linux | Solaris |Embedded Linux | Embedded Android | Windows Embedded | Windows RT | QNX |VxWorks | Green Hills Software INTEGRITY | Android | iOS | BlackBerry | Sailfish OS

If You Can Imagine It, You Can Build It With Qt
Qt powers millions of products developed by leading companies in over 70 industries and is the development technology of choice for 5 of the Top 10 Fortune 500 companies. Qt's complete framework capabilities including intuitive C libraries, tools and Qt Quick UI technology make it the technology of choice for top players in automotive,mobile manufacturers, industrial automation, consumer electronics, oil and gas,defense and a variety of other sectors.
About The Qt Company
The Qt Company, a wholly owned subsidiary of Digia Plc., is responsible for all Qt activities including product development, commercial and open source licensing together with the Qt Project under the open governance model. Together with our licensing, support and services capabilities, we operate with the mission to work closely with developers to ensure that their Qt projects are deployed on time, within budget and with a competitive advantage.


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