Push-in two-level terminal blocks

News Editor
The PRKD 4 two-level terminal for 4-mm² wires and the PRKD 4/3A terminal with three wire entry points on each level allow for high packing density

Conta-Clip expands its range of PRK push-in terminal blocks, adding the space-saving two-tier PRKD 4 and PRKD 4/3A for 4-mm² wires. The unique and compact design of the PRKD 4/3A features three inputs on each level for applications with even higher packing densities. Like all PRK terminals, the two-level versions feature cross connection channels on each level for flexible potential distribution and 2.3-mm test taps for easy measurement of all potentials. Via push-in technology, users can very easily and quickly connect rigid wires and wires with end ferrules without tools. For a quick release of inserted wires, the terminals feature a pusher that requires only slight pressure and no special tools, yet provides high contact force through the spring. The housing for the orange pushers and the wire inlets have been clearly separated from each other so as to give users the correct conductor clamping insert points 100% of the time. Conta-Clip is continuously expanding the PRK range, which currently includes PRKD two-level terminal blocks for 2.5-mm² and 4-mm² wire cross sections in simple feed-through and PE terminals for two, three and four wires, in four nominal cross section ranges between 1.5 mm² and 6 mm².

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