Protection, sensing and control features in a single chip

Hayley Everett
The new eFuse Protection ICs product line. Image via Littelfuse.

Industrial technology manufacturer Littelfuse has unveiled its new eFuse Protection ICs product line designed for heavy-use electronics, data communications and industrial applications.

The product line consists of a series of four versatile circuit protection devices which feature an innovative design that provides a wide range of power input between 3.3V and 28V alongside integrated protection.

The eFuse Protection ICs are designed to protect against overcurrent, short circuit, inrush current, reverse current, and overtemperature events with real-time diagnostics all in a single chip. The fuses are suitable for use in numerous electronics and data communications interfaces, including Bluetooth headsets, wearable devices, computers and tablets, battery devices, and more.

“The eFuse Protection ICs provide today’s electronics designers with significant flexibility by integrating robust circuit protection, sensing and control in a single chip,” said Bernie Hsieh, Assistant Product Manager of Littelfuse’s Protection Semiconductor Business team. “Providing a low power consumption, high accuracy current limiting circuit with quick response time makes them a win-win for many portable electronics and datacom applications.”

According to Littelfuse, the new fuses provide a highly accurate current limiter with both faster response time and more integrated protection features than traditional fuses and PTCs. The fuses also reportedly incorporate greater flexibility, such as adjustable overvoltage threshold, current limiting, and inrush current, alongside true reverse current blocking when compared to conventional power switches.

Additionally, the fuses are designed to reduce the design-in phase, PC board space requirements, BOM cost, and time-to-market in comparison to typical discrete alternatives like hot-swap controllers. Other benefits include improved product reliability, increased battery life, lower repair costs, and lengthened overall product lifetime, the company said.

The eFuse Protection ICs are available in four series: The LS0504EVT233 – 5V, 4A, overvoltage, overcurrent protection, SOT23-3 package, the LS0505EVD22 – 5V, 5A, overvoltage, overcurrent protection, DFN2x2 package, the LS1205ExD33 – 18V, 5A, programmable current limit, output voltage clamp, DFN3x3 package, and the LS2406ERQ23 - 28V, 6A, true reverse blocking, fast role swap, QFN2.5x3.2 package.