Protecting worker safety with water flow assurance

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Flow monitors are critical for emergency eyewash stations and showers in hazardous areas.

Fluid Components International (FCI) has developed a flow switch tool for ensuring compliance with US Occupational Health & Safety (OSHA) regulations on emergency eyewash stations and showers in hazardous areas.

Designed for petrochemical, refineries, chemical, and other industries, FCI’s SIL-2 rated FLT93 Switch is a water-flow monitor that alerts staff to station-in-use events.

According to OSHA regulations, hazardous areas in these industries must have emergency eye wash stations and showers available for workers exposed to corrosive materials. Immediate use of these stations is crucial in case of exposure.

The FLT93 Flow Switch meets OSHA requirements as well as the ANSI Z358:1 standard ensuring proper installation and water temperature control between 60 to 100°F (16 to 38°C).

FCI has equipped its SIL-2 rated switch with global agency safety approvals for installation in hazardous areas and offers dual-functionality and alarms on both flow and temperature.

Employing thermal dispersion flow measurement technology, the FLT93 Switch ensures accurate and repeatable flow rate detection. It triggers a relay to signal an alarm or start process changes when the flow rate or temperature deviates from setpoints.

With a durable design, no-moving-parts construction, and 316L stainless steel material, the FLT93 requires minimal maintenance, offering longevity and low lifecycle costs, according to FCI.

The company specialises in thermal flow meters, flow switches, and level switches; as well as industrial-grade solutions for various applications. Its FLT93 Series reflects the company’s nearly 60 years of expertise in solving complex flow and level measurement challenges for industry.

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