Programmable proportional amplifier for stationary hydraulics

Paul Boughton

The basis of the new single-channel device is a proportional amplifier developed by Ruppel Hydraulik for an application in mobile hydraulics, and more specifically, speed control of a hydraulically powered sweeper attached to a municipal utility vehicle.

This single-channel amplifier for controlling a single or double solenoid has now been adapted to meet the specific requirements of stationary hydraulics. The output current strength has a wide range of adjustment, as has the dither frequency, with the result that the amplifier can be customised to suit a wide range of valve types and applications.

The target value can be specified via an integrated potentiometer; an on/off switch is also integrated in the device. The selected potentiometer setting can be locked, and external locking and release are also possible. In addition, the rotational direction of the potentiometer can be programmed, ie the user can decide whether a clockwise turn increases or decreases the target value.

Because a minimum and maximum value, as well as defined ramps for opening and closing the valve can also be programmed, the amplifier allows flexible customisation of the hydraulic function to the specific application. The safety features of the amplifier include short circuit, overcurrent and overvoltage protection.

Among its other qualities, the proportional amplifier is very reasonably priced. Ruppel manufactures them in series production batches, applying the relevant customisations, so that the user gets a fully tailored amplifier for the price of a series production device. 

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