Production line upgrade

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Reducing costs and increasing efficiency via the use of an overhauled compressor.

Recently, a leading expert chemicals business specialising in microbial control and bespoke products, needed a new production line to manufacture methylbutynol. To find the best and most cost-effective solution, it turned to Burckhardt Compression.

The chemicals business recognised the need to develop a new production line to meet the growing demand for methylbutynol. This essential intermediate is widely used in the manufacture of vitamins, pharmaceuticals and fragrances, and the company was determined to keep up with the evolving demands of the industry in the modern world.

During the design phase of the new methylbutynol production line, the company’s on-site engineering team identified the need for a turnkey, plug-and-play, skid-mounted compressor. The unit had to meet precise measurements and be operated and maintained in a pharmaceutical environment, while also being cost-effective. Also, the compressor unit had to be readily available as there were only 11 months to complete the installation of the new production line.

After considering their options, the engineering team found the most suitable solution with Burckhardt Compression, which provided a cost-effective and timely solution for their needs by supplying a second-hand 2K90-2B Laby compressor that had been expertly overhauled to reset its clock back to zero, ensuring reliable operation and the highest operational safety.

Customised design

Burckhardt Compression delivered a turnkey project, which involved designing and producing a customised skid to fit the compressor’s operating data. Additionally, pressure tests were conducted on the crankcase cylinder and cylinder cover to ensure optimal performance. The flywheel was machined, and a skid was designed for the belt-driven compressor. After assembling, testing, and painting the compressor, new specifications were developed for the entire skid assembly. Finally, the team installed and started up the compressor at the customer’s site, ensuring it was fully operational and met the customer’s exact needs.

The compressor solution was ideal for the task due to its compact dimensions and efficient turnkey installation, which fitted an allocated space with no interference to existing machines or operations. In addition, its oil-free technology ensures clean process and production, reducing the risk of contamination of customer products. Burckhardt Compression delivered the compressor on-time and provided plug-and-play installation that was on budget, making it a cost-effective solution for its customer’s needs.

Upon the completion of the project, a spokesperson for the customer concluded: “Our organisation is extremely pleased with the customised compressor skid, featuring the retrofitted Laby compressor. The team delivered a cost-effective, reliable, and high-quality solution that has exceeded our expectations. We have enjoyed a long-standing partnership with Burckhardt Compression and look forward to building on this relationship in the future.”

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