In-process particle sizer with intelligent diagnostics

Jon Lawson

The new IntelliSizer inline particle sizer from Xoptix has patented technology that allows self-monitoring, self- diagnostics and self-cleaning technology, to ensuring maximum uptime and 24/7 real-time analysis.

The IntelliSizer offers a new level of intelligence to in-process particle sizing, which is a first within the powder processing industry.

The automated CellClean technology in the IntelliSizer is the heart of the patented self-monitoring. If the instrument requires cleaning, the CellClean automatically provides a pulse of air to instantly clear the sample cell chamber, so that real-time monitoring using laser diffraction can continue.

Taking this one step further, the particle sizer also checks the current operational status using the diagnostic database. If there are any anomalies in analysis performance, alerts are generated so that a Process Engineer can take action. The self-diagnostic intelligence, coupled with the ability to clean itself automatically, gives the IntelliSizer the maximum uptime and the reliability that processes need for optimisation.

The IntelliSizer measures the complete particle size distribution at a rate of 2,000 times per second producing real time data of the state of the process. By feeding this data to the PLC or DCS and automating the control of the separator such that in-spec product is produced all the time, the energy expended in insurance over grinding is thus eliminated. An added advantage is that the residence time of the product in the mill is reduced, such that throughput can be significantly increased.

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