Process equipment range expands

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The new Essential range allows optimal benefits.

The new Essential range of filter / dryers offers performance-driven models of these solutions. Cost and functional efficiency are optimized to meet the primary requirements of a wide range of customers in the chemical industry, who do not need sterile design or GMP, for example. The tank and dust filter are the main elements that have been redesigned with a focus on the basic functions. The range has been named Essential to reflect that it meets the basic needs of a wide range of customers in the chemical industry.

A new horizontal paddle dryer has been added to the range

In the case of dryers, the approach has gone one step further. Instead of modifying an existing design, the group offers a completely different device, a horizontal paddle dryer, thanks to a partnership with the company HLE. De Dietrich Process Systems already has a horizontal dryer in its product catalogue, the Universal dryer, which can handle the most difficult products. This equipment performs extremely well, however its design is more complex than that of the average dryer. To supply a solution more suited to standard applications, the group offers the highly versatile horizontal paddle dryer. As the paddle dryer complete the group´s existing catalogue of vertical, conical and spherical dryers, customers now have a better choice when selecting the perfect solution for their drying or filtration / drying applications: either a highly specialized or a highly versatile solution.

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