The PROFIBUS, PROFINET and Industrial Ethernet company

PROCENTEC is an independent Dutch company that supplies products, training and consultancy to the Industrial Automation Market. Of primary focus is the development and manufacturing of automation products for PROFIBUS, PROFINET and Industrial Ethernet.

Some of our products are the most recognized solutions on the Market today. ProfiTrace, our mobile troubleshooting and maintenance tool has established itself as one of the most pioneering, yet essential tools available to engineers. In contrast our robust ProfiHub has, over the last decade, established itself as the go-to solution for ensuring a reliable network infrastructure. The combination of these products within our ComBricks solution has seen PPROCENTEC become the primary manufacturer of network components with the integrated capability for remote monitoring and remote asset-management.

Our training facility, the PROCENTEC Academy, has certified over 4000 engineers to implement and maintain their PROFIBUS and PROFINET networks to the highest standards available.

The PROCENTEC Competence Centre has established itself as the leading consultancy on PROFIBUS and PROFINET projects worldwide, advising on architecture, engineering, training and commissioning. Once a network is commissioned, we have experts available 24/7, to answer questions with maintenance or help troubleshooting a problem.

So in basic terms, we make things that help maintain network stability.

In Industrial automation, the downtime of a network is incredibly costly in both lost revenue and wasted recourses. In some scenarios, a single hour of downtime could cost close to €100,000.

PROCENTEC is 1 out of 11 accredited PROFIBUS and PROFINET Test Laboratory in the world for the certification of devices. 

In our laboratory, vendors from all around the world trust us to test their products on PROFIBUS and PROFINET compatibility. Based upon the positive test reports from our laboratory, PROFIBUS & PROFINET International issues certificates for the tested devices.

A PROFIBUS or PROFINET certificate stands for the quality of a product. Many end-users only use certified products in their plants to make sure the products they work with are of high standard. For manufacturers, the cooperation with PROCENTEC’s engineers during this certification process is invaluable. During the critical testing phase, you are certain to have unique and proven expertise by your side. Our engineers consult with you along the way, keeping the process transparent and sharing the knowledge we have built up over the past 20 years of performing diagnostics on industrial networks.

The tests which are executed at our PROFIBUS and PROFINET Test Laboratory are up to the latest standard as set by PROFIBUS & PROFINET International.

ISO 9001 certified
PROCENTEC cares about customer satisfaction, quality care and the continuous improvements hereof. ISO 9001 is the international standard for quality management systems. Therefore, we are ISO certified. This certificate indicates that all processes of our products and services measure up to high quality standards. As a customer, you can trust PROCENTEC to be a reliable partner who delivers on what’s promised.


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