Precision couplings for wide range of applications

Paul Boughton

Tsubakimoto Chain, manufacturer of power transmission products, has developed a comprehensive series of precision couplings capable of delivering reliable torque transmission with improved torsional stiffness. The Echt-Flex series consists of a wide range of couplings designed for ease of installation and capable of handling even the largest of shaft diameters.

Tsubaki has a long history in the development and refinement of power transmission products and development of the Echt-Flex series has involved finite element analysis to produce a zero backlash coupling capable of an extended service life. The comprehensive series incorporates a variety of designs including long spacer types, which can be dynamically balanced by Tsubaki for applications which require high rotational speeds.

Within the Etch-Flex series is a number of product ranges designed to meet specific application requirements. The NES range provides small, precision couplings designed for high torsional stiffness and a low moment of inertia. These make ideal connection components for servo motors and stepper motors used in industrial robots and precision equipment.

The NEF range is based on a spacer type coupling comprising two sets of disk kits which enables the coupling to accommodate shaft misalignment. The range can be specified with a variety of shaft connection types, including the single bolt clamp which enables a friction coupling to the shaft, reducing the axial dimension and saving installation space.

For larger applications, the NEH range is designed as a spacer type coupling capable of handling up to 176,400 Nm. This range can be specified with an adapter hub type coupling which provides a larger bore diameter or with a unit spacer type coupling which can be mounted or removed without having to disassemble the disk connecting section.

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