Power distribution blocks designed for solar plants

Louise Smyth

TE Connectivity has launched the compact and modular DBL distribution blocks, which are designed for easy installation and flexibility of use.

The blocks are equipped with a flexible and reversible cover featuring two-direction opening to simplify the wiring. All wiring data and specifications are visible on top for a clear identification. Each DBL distribution block is equipped with two mounting options: plate/panel or DIN-rail.

DBL distribution blocks have been designed to save up to 50% rail space compared to conventional distribution bars and are recommended for confined areas. The 1500 VDC voltage rating is well adapted to the most recent solar inverters and this helps manufacturers improve utility-scale solar plant outputs.

The assembly time is reduced by 80% compared to conventional systems. The modular and touch-proof concept eliminates the need for bus bars, isolators, fasteners, protection screens, and the two inputs allow an easy extension of the number of outputs by using a wire jumper. 

The blocks are compatible with aluminium and copper conductors.