Polymers have high resistance to wear and abrasion

Paul Boughton

Nylacast materials and components offer many beneficial qualities to the rail sector, including a high resistance to wear and abrasion, with a low co-efficient of friction of only 0.08, corrosion and chemical resistance and high visibility colours. Furthermore, Nylacast materials are lightweight, typically being only 1/7th the weight of an equivalent component made in steel.

Another significant advantage is the ability of self-lubrication which strongly enhances the dry running performance. This eliminates the need for routine and costly maintenance and machine downtime, also removing the need for any greases or lubricants, not only increasing the performance, but saving maintenance time and cost.

These self-lubrication and low co-efficient of friction qualities result in Nylacast components being a perfect match for cables and wire rope, strongly increasing their lifespan and decreasing their wear.

Nylacast also produce many cable and hose clamps, being lightweight and self coloured, there is no need to paint them and they will never rust or corrode.

With full control of the manufacturing process from raw chemistry through to end components in any quantity, Nylacast are able to offer full traceability and material characterisations on all products.  

In addition to complex, custom comonents many of the typical applications for the sector include Horncheek/pedestal liners, centre pivot liners, emergency brake cylinder bushes, buffer pads, pulleys, rollers, latches, bushes, guides, bearings and side plates, etc.

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