Pneumatic knocker for thick walls

Online Editor

Pneumatic knockers usually cover wall thicknesses of up to 12mm. Singold gerätetechnik has developed a pneumatic knocker for particularly large and massive containers. The K160 model can knock off wall thicknesses of up to 25mm.

The K160 generates an impact energy of 423Nm – and that with a relatively low weight of 62kg and compact external dimensions.

The knocker can easily be retrofitted into existing systems. It is used, for example, in the mining industry for discharge chutes, in the building materials industry for split bunker outlets, in the chemical industry for mixing plants, in the lime industry and in the fertiliser industry.

When the piston, which is designed as a magnet, is torn off from the armature plate, the acceleration in the K160 pneumatic knocker is approximately 25g = 250m/s². When the magnet hits the firing pin at a speed of approx. 7m/s, accelerations of up to 3,000g = 30,000m/s² occur. This is one of the fastest values in applied technology. Due to the lower acceleration, a human being would need about two to three times as much hammer weight as the knocker impact weight to generate the same impact energy as the K160 knocker. Using the knocker, the flow of material can be ensured even in massive silos.

The knockers create the greatest possible impact with the lowest possible dead weight, thereby testing the limits of technology.

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