Plastic recycling: high-capacity single shaft shredder

Paul Boughton

The new Apollo 1900 is a high-capacity single shaft shredders. Thanks to its extended rotor length of 1900 mm, the new system is specifically suitable for users who are handling high material volumes or for shredding large-sized pieces or baled materials.

Across all machine sizes of the entire Apollo series – including types 700, 1000, 1300, 1600, and 1900 – the rotor diameter is a uniform 370 mm. This facilitates the cost-effective shredding of varying product waste down to defined granulate sizes. While Lindner reSource’s universal-use ‘profiled rotor’ is a suitable for moulded parts, tubes, shapes or film, the alternatively available ‘square blade rotor’ has been developed specifically for shredding sheets and start-up lumps.

The sliding hopper developed by Lindner can be pushed back hydraulically so that the cutting chamber becomes accessible over its full length and width. This facilitates cleaning, and the blade change can be performed conveniently from the exterior – ie, there is no need for an operator to climb into the hopper to change the counterblades, avoiding the risk of personal injury.

Further advantages include the standard segmented bottom of the cutting camber which helps to prevent jams, and the modular screen system that supports quick and easy screen changes.