PCE Instruments

Test equipment from Germany

PCE Instruments – with headquarters in Germany - develops, manufactures and distributes a wide range of measuring and test instruments as well as scales and balances and selected laboratory equipment for industry, trade and research under the brand PCE Instruments. In addition to pre- and after-sales support, customer-specific configuration, the supply of accessories as well as calibration and repair are also part of the company's usual service.

The categories in which PCE Instruments offers a particularly wide range of products include industrial borescopes, scales/balances, force gauges, ultrasonic testers and pH meters.

Industrial borescopes are excellent tools for non-destructive inspection of areas that are otherwise difficult to access. The PCE Instruments product range includes suitable borescope cameras for a wide variety of applications in trade and industry.

The PCE borescopes with rigid handle and image display enable uncomplicated and quick external visual inspection of vehicles, machines and supply lines. For quality control or troubleshooting of components that are close to the surface and can be accessed in a straight line via an opening, on the other hand, the robust rigid borescopes without a separate display and control unit are suitable. 

The PCE models with a very small camera head and flexible camera cable, especially if the camera's viewing direction can be controlled separately, also allow the inspection of narrow and trickily shaped cavities, for example in engines and other important components of machines and vehicles.

Finally, other models with a larger camera head, guiding aids and very long camera cables are particularly suitable for the inspection of sewer and pipe systems. These drain cameras also include models where an additional device can be used to locate the spot of damage that has been detected. 

Scales are available in many designs, for weighing very small quantities in the laboratory or pharmacy, as well as for weighing goods that weigh several tonnes and are weighed with the help of a vehicle or hoist. Among the platform scales with separate display and control unit, there are many models with special features. These include data interfaces for communication with printers, scanners or computers and special switching interfaces that can be used to switch devices and trigger or influence processes when limit values are reached. The special functions of platform scales include level weighing, piece counting with a known individual weight, an animal weighing algorithm, adjustable filters and various calculation functions.

A wide range of force gauges for tensile and compressive force measurements and for different measurement ranges and operating conditions is available from PCE Instruments. In addition, many force gauges for special measurements are available. These include penetrometers for ripeness testing before fruit harvesting as well as devices for measuring the adhesive force of coatings, for testing the force required when unscrewing sealing caps or for determining the belt tension of drive belts.

Ultrasonic testers are used for various types of non-destructive testing. For example, ultrasonic flow meters enable the determination of flow velocities and flow quantities in pipes filled with liquids. To make such a measurement, it is sufficient to mount the ultrasonic sensors to the outside of the pipe. A prerequisite for correct measurement is that the liquid is homogeneous and has a low solid content. Depending on the application, either stationary devices for permanent monitoring and control or one of the portable models for tests at changing locations are recommended.

PH meters are used in many areas to determine the pH value of substances. PCE Instruments offers a wide variety of pH meters with different features. The spectrum ranges from simple, compact devices for quick individual measurements to stationary models for continuous monitoring and portable devices with a large memory and an interface for data transfer. Some models have special electrodes, for example for meat, cosmetics or soils, others have options to connect additional sensors in order to also determine the conductivity and Redox potential of liquids.


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