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OPSIS is a global supplier of environmental monitoring systems for gas analysis and related services. OPSIS has provided thousands of systems both for ambient air quality monitoring (AQM), for continuous emissions monitoring (CEM), and for process control applications.
The monitoring systems are based on OPSIS’ gas analysers utilizing open-path DOAS technology for measurement of concentrations of a wide range of gaseous compounds. Open path measurement means analysis in the air, and no physical sample is taken.

Together with a full set of software products for communication, data presentation and analysis, the systems can be easily integrated in existing systems via the Internet or via communication protocols. This allows access to data both for real-time monitoring needs and for storage and subsequent studies and reporting.

OPSIS also offers a total monitoring concept, where the client can focus on using the data. OPSIS sets up the system according to the customer’s requirements and specifications, and makes sure the monitoring data is delivered 24 hours a day, every day of the year.

Continuous Emissions Monitoring/Process Control
The OPSIS systems for continuous emissions monitoring, e.g. monitoring in refineries, CO2 capture and chemical industry, have a great advantage in a single gas analyser being able to measure a wide range of gaseous compounds, often in multiple gas ducts, providing a cost-efficient solution to the monitoring needs. Measurements can often be made in-situ, thereby excluding any need for extraction and dilution of the flue gases. This is of particular interest where the flue gas is dust-laden, highly humid and/or aggressive. A further advantage is the very low maintenance requirements, minimizing operating costs.

Ambient Air Quality Monitoring
The OPSIS systems for ambient air quality monitoring, e.g. fenceline, provides monitoring along multiple measurement paths with a single gas analyser. Like the CEM systems, it is cost-efficient with low maintenance requirements. The systems also allow versatile distribution of monitoring data over the Internet, providing both real-time access to air quality information and the formation of databases allowing in-depth studies and reporting of the air we breathe. OPSIS’ software solutions facilitate access to all monitoring data. In addition to the gas analysers, the systems usually also include additional instruments, in all forming complete solutions providing full and continuous surveillance of the emissions from any industrial process and continuous surveillance of the ambient air.

Internationally Tested and Approved
OPSIS and its representatives keep careful track of legislation and directives applicable to continuous emissions monitoring, ensuring that the system solutions always meet the requirements set by the users and the authorities. The OPSIS range of gas analysers have been tested and approved by a number of internationally recognized institutes and authorities, such as U.S. EPA, German TÜV and British MCERTS. OPSIS’ environmental monitoring systems are characterized by their reliability, durability and low maintenance costs. Numerous references will vouch for this.

Represented Worldwide
OPSIS was founded in 1985, and is today represented on all continents. A network of subsidiary companies, distributors and other representatives, has been established, that are among the most competent and experienced organisations in each of the countries where they are operating.

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