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In the oil and gas industry, pipeline failures can have severe environmental, financial and safety implications. Due to the large surface areas that need to be assessed for effective pipeline inspection, fast, reliable inspection equipment can provide a high return on investment.

To address these challenging inspection tasks, Olympus provides technologies including conventional ultrasound, phased array ultrasound, thickness gaging and remote visual inspection. They can be used to detect defects such as corrosion in the pipe wall, weld corrosion such as stress corrosion cracking, and hydrogen-induced cracking.

Stay flawless with ultrasound

Ultrasonic (UT) flaw detectors are fast, versatile methods of finding defects in a range of different materials including metals, alloys and composites. Conventional UT instruments, such as Olympus’ Epoch 6LT (figure 1), enable precise inspection in a rugged, portable device, and are well suited to accessing hard-to-reach locations, such as rope access inspections.

For even more detail and advanced features such as imaging, phased array UT can be used. In phased array inspections, multiple UT elements work together to produce detailed information about a component, such as corrosion or cracks (figure 2).

Olympus’ phased array inspection solution, consisting of the OmniScan MX2 and Dual Matrix Array probes, can carry out precise inspection of areas that are hard to inspect with conventional UT. These include stainless steel or dissimilar-material welds.

Your flexible friend

For high-resolution visual inspections in places that are difficult to access, Olympus offers the IPLEX range of videoscopes (figure 3). These combine flexible, intuitive maneuverability with bright illumination that is automatically adjusted depending on the lighting conditions. These features ensure high-quality images that allow informed decision-making about the integrity of a component.

Through thick and thin

In order to assess the strength of a pipeline, precise thickness measurements can be essential. Thickness gages provide highly precise measurements in a simple, easy-to-use device. Olympus’ thickness gages are available with a range of probes that offer the versatility to measure thickness in inaccessible locations.

Informed decision-making with Olympus

Pipeline inspections ensure safety and avoid the risk of costly failures. Olympus’ extensive expertise in optics, electronics and materials science have enabled us to produce a comprehensive range of nondestructive testing solutions that make the inspection of pipelines more precise and efficient, for example compared to what can be achieved by radiography. Inspection tools such as ultrasonic flaw detectors, remote visual inspection and thickness gaging can be used to assess the strength and quality of pipelines fast and accurately – improving safety and providing a high return on investment.




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